Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Swedish Invasion

Gabriel had fun at the game today!

The Intimidators whooped the JSF team, 11-9, fighting back not once but TWICE from being behind. Number 6, M. Angle, plated two runs with a double and crossed the plate from second with the next batter, tying the game. Gabriel had a great time, as you can see in the photo, even though he did play with the spawn of an Ohio State family. His friends Brooke and Jordan didn't get as dirty as he did, but they are getting to know him better each week.

In other news, Ikea opened today in Atlanta. It was surprisingly civil, though incredibly busy, and a woman dressed like a Swedish woman gave us a card for a free coffee mug. We won! After buying a new duvet cover for the bed coming from Ann Arbor and a light for Chip's room, we skipped the marketplace, which would have made a dent in our cargo space not to mention our wallets, in order to get to the game on time. We did get a bonus gift, however, when we realized that another person slashed the driver's side window next to the arm-width hole. He apparently decided that the existing hole and the window-filling slashes on the passenger side gave him permission to add to the destruction.

That brings us to our latest breakthrough in home remedies. We (particularly P) get so worked up over the behaviour of people who leave every place they go less good than before they had been there (violating our theory that everyone should try to leave a trail of pixie dust behind them wherever they go, making the world just a little better by their presence, but we won't get into that whole thing right now)... where were we? Oh yeah, we've started talking about exactly what sort of torture we'd like to inflict on the offending person, and it works. It's sick and probably would not be recommended by the priests at our parish, but it sure keeps us from carrying that anger with us. Try it - it's fun!