Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Such A Special Day For Chip, Part I

Saturday was really about two things:  First Communion and soccer.  Because we have so many great photos, let's split today's post into two parts.

G woke up so excited for his First Holy Communion.  He has been diligently preparing for this all year and was so ready for it.  He knew he looked great in his suit but wasn't so sure about the shoes.  He thought they would make him a laughingstock.  Little did he know that everyone would rave about them!

Our boy wears a suit!  The cross tie pin looked great on him.

Before the mass, I videotaped him processing into the sanctuary.  During mass, no videotaping was allowed, but flashless photography was.

G was chosen to carry the gifts.  It was an enormous honor.

Here he is pondering the water he is carrying.  He has never seen it up close before!

Gabriel's very first Holy Communion.  Father Jose is administering it.

Here he is consuming the host.  He shook his head when the deacon offered the chalice of wine.

After mass, the children surprised us all with a lovely song, Take Our Bread, led by Deacon Stephen.

In case you couldn't see G well in the above photo, here is a closer shot.  Since he sat in front, he ended up at the top of the altar.

Here is all of our family, taking up the entire long pew.

Here is the recessional.  G wanted to look at the swords as he passed underneath.  It was special to have the Knights of Columbus there.

One grandpa, two grandbabies.

G just gained the permission to carry his little brother, supervised of course.  Here they are by Saint Francis of Assisi.

G is overjoyed that his godparents were there for him on his First Holy Communion.

Here is our happy family, so happy for our little first communicant.