Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Few More Things

I really want to share these photos I took at Gorga Monkeys last week. We had a really fun time, even though I injured my knee just in time for the Peachtree. But hey, that's okay because I hurt my ankle today... maybe I'll just enter the wheelchair division... or maybe I'll just stockpile excuses as to why I can't beat the old man (Dad A) in the race... But back to the point, here are some cute photos of G, Iggy, and G's friend of the day Justin - oh, and of course Charkie.

In Knotty Knews, we've put a new pattern up on Knottybirds, and this one is FREE!

Busy Times

There is a lot going on - business, parties, a death in the family, and a celebration about to happen - so let's get right to business.

Most of you know that my aunt Sharon died this past week and her funeral was yesterday. She was my dad's sister-in-law, married to Joe (Joe-Joe as we call him). She was a good mom, encouraging her two sons (my cousins Joey and Tony) to put their education in school and their religious education first. She also taught them the importance of music, and she was a wonderful singer. I always dreaded hearing her sing at funerals, because I knew I couldn't hold back emotion listening to her. And that should be a compliment, because I'm a stone when I want to be. She has always been one of the most gentle, unassuming people I've known, and she always made everyone feel comfortable to be around her. Joey (okay, he's Joe, but I have a hard time with the grown-up version of his name) took care of everything, and although we couldn't afford to go up there, we heard that he did an amazing job at not only the arrangements, but taking care of the entire visiting family.

On to happier news, I went to a baby shower today for Lisa's neighbor, Kyla. She just moved to Georgia this month, so she doesn't know a lot of people yet and, I think, was happy to meet all of us. Being currently without funds, I had to make her something using only materials I had on hand, so here's what I made:

As you have already read, we put the Strong Man up for sale last night, and we've already made a sale! Woot! In case you want to see him, just look at our Etsy shop. And, of course, I found a mistake and had to e-mail her the materials. I hadn't included that in the pattern. Oops! I told her this is the joy of being the first to order the pattern.

Things are moving right along for Jack's and Jen's wedding next Saturday. Jack's friend John was the first to arrive, and Jen's aunt and uncle got here today. Laura arrives tomorrow, and Dad A the day after. From here on out, it's party time!

We haven't stopped working on the Japan photos and videos. It's just taking a long time, and these couple weeks are nuts. Please have patience with us!