Saturday, January 21, 2006

Eating Like A Big Boy

Chip has graduated to eating in a real chair. He keeps climbing onto every chair, including the high counter chairs, and he's pretty good about staying on them until he gets someone to help him down. We decided to let him eat dinner like a big boy today, since he's been acting like such a good big boy lately. He even says (signs) "thank you" on his own now! Anyway, you can see how much we have to cover him up for mealtime. We almost bought him an art smock at Ikea today just for eating.

He's also become quite the virtuoso pianist. He climbs up onto the piano bench, turns on the piano light, and plays very careful melodies that use the full range of keys. We love to watch him lean over to reach the lowest notes and then cross his left hand over right (very advanced!) to tinkle some of the higher keys. His music sounds beautiful, and he even applauds himself after every song! Not too shabby for a year-and-a-half-plus-two-days-old.