Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter From The Angles!

We had a great spring break, although we didn't do much other than visit the zoo.  It was just great to be together and to let G play all week.  We are big believers that kids need to be kids, and since we make him work so hard during school days, he really does need the time off that he gets.

One thing we did this week was to cut off (!) Ollie's long hair at the back of his head.  When he was born, everyone commented that he had really long hair (he was a 42-week baby, after all).  Even though he also has an adorable swirl at the crown of his head, it was this lock at his nape that we decided to save.  Here are photos of Ollie's first hair cut:

Ollie was born with lots of hair at his nape.

Since he has curly hair, I pulled it out so you can see how long it actually is.  Incidentally, you can also see one of his birthmarks there at the back of his neck.

His lock is ready to be cut and saved.

And there it is - for posterity.

Easter, being the most important day of the year for us Catholics, was a great celebration.  When we woke up, we found that the Easter Bunny had visited us overnight!  For the first time ever in this house, there were TWO baskets on the front porch.  What a welcome sight that was.

Gabriel and his Easter basket.

Oliver and his Easter basket.

Our little bunny.

A couple of cute little Easter bunnies.

After baskets, G went on an egg hunt for all of the Easter Eggs the Bunny left behind:

We went to church, where the boys sat together and I played handbells in the choir loft.  They got great seats with lots of room, Ollie actually slept through the entire mass, and it was a beautiful mass.

Afterwards, the boys changed for a casual get-together at our neighbors' house - at their driveway, actually.  We ate hotdogs and hung around for a couple hours, before we got our church clothes back on for dinner at Bun's and Papa's house.  Jack and Jen and boys went there, too, and we realized that G and Jackson had dressed pretty much alike.  Here are some photos from dinner time:

My boys looked so cute yesterday.  By the way, dig those shoes on Oliver!

Jax, unsure of this whole posing thing, went for his belly button just like G used to do! 
They were both asleep when we started eating dinner.  With all those clothes on, Ollie didn't quite bend at the middle quite so well.

We hope that you had a special day yesterday and that today finds you happy and peaceful.  It is a happy time.  As my Ukrainian relatives say, "Khrystos Voskres!" [Christ is risen!]

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