Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Number One Fan

The Intimidators continued - well, started - a winning streak today with a victory over the Isotopes, 20-8. It was a mercy after 5 innings. Their number one fan, Gabriel, sported a fan jersey with the first baseman's name on it. Here are photos of the front and back (we fixed his ears after we took the first photo). Notice how he prefers to wear Daddy's hat rather than his own and how he wears it low over his eyes. We think that's adorable.

It was fun to be all geared up as a family for the game (although Grammie and "Pa-Pa" didn't get the memo) and to wear our duds out for ice cream afterwards.

On a totally unrelated note, we have decided that Terry O'Quinn is the white Samuel L. Jackson. We guess that makes him the Hardest Working White Man In Show Business.