Friday, December 11, 2009

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

So much to talk about! We have photos from Chip's Thanksgiving recital, I did a craft show, and Wowo moved here, to name a few things.

First up, we thought this face was so funny, and for some reason it also really freaked us out.  Welcome to dinner at the Angle house.

We went to Tellus last Saturday for Member Appreciation Day.  They gave us lunch (hot dogs and cupcakes - yum), did special activities, and gave members free planetarium passes.  There was also a great solar house on display.

After Tellus, we went to the mall.  Chip made a bunny for his godsister at Build-A-Bear Santa's Workshop.  After the bunny was stuffed, he bathed it, brushed it, and applied its lipstick.  He was so thoughtful!

On Sunday, we went to the Pink Pig for the second year of our new annual tradition.  It's about an hour wait, but it is so cute that it's worth it.  We loved that they had a paparazzi board. 

G sometimes takes photos of things he feels are beautiful.  We really, really, really, really love his vision.

Yesterday, the Chipster brought home the Christmas present he made us in school.  It's a pinch pot, a beautiful piece of pottery that we will forever cherish.  Even his wrapping was so beautiful; every detail was thoughtfully planned and painted.

This morning, I attended a holiday craft fair at Winnwood.  It was a fun way to spend the day, and considering I only had one week to work I think it turned out well.  I sold a few things and enjoyed relaxing and soaking up the holiday atmosphere.

Tonight was our Christmas celebration and gift exchange with my Paulding Purlers knitting group.  Stephanie (next to me in the group photo) made me a fantastic hat - the thing that was number one on my list to make myself, even though I don't think she knew that.  I love it so much!  I think this is the first thing anybody has ever made me (other than my mom's Halloween costumes), and I know that it will keep me warm and cozy all winter long.  It feels like a big hug on my head.

Tomorrow, for our next adventure, we will travel to the North Pole via the North Pole Limited, departing from the Tennessee Valley Railroad station.  We hope that you are enjoying every moment of this holiday season.  It seems like it's been a difficult year for so many people, and I think we really need and deserve every moment of joy this year.  We are soaking it up and hope you are too!