Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Happy Birthday, Dad/Granddad!

And now, last but by no means least, today is Dad A's birthday. It is just an indication of what an amazing person he is that he and Gail sent us presents on his birthday! Matt's always adored his dad, and now Patty and Gabriel do, too. Now if Patty could bribe him into a helicopter ride, he'd be perfect. Ha!

Happy Birthday, Mom/Gramma!

Yesterday was Mom A's birthday, and we wish we could have been there with her to celebrate it. She's always been a perfect mom, and now she has a daughter-in-law and grandson who love her, too. Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, Jack!

This is a birthday-filled week! We've decided to give each person his/her own post, because each is so important to us. We start with 17 February, when Jack celebrated his 28th birthday. When we asked his favorite flavor of cake, he said, "Chocolate... martini." So we gave him his favorite cake flavor. And believe us, it took the two of us and Jack's friend Will to come up with a way to get a candle into that darn thing!

A New Kingdom For the Throne

BATHROOM PHOTOS!!! I know this means Nancy will not have a reason to call anymore, but we'll try to be okay with that. The only "before" photo is the first one, with Chip. At least you can see the ugly wallpaper, even though we had already scored it in this picture. It turned out exactly as we'd envisioned it.

As we said yesterday, Jack spent his birthday weekend with us, and we had a great time. Here are a couple of photos from this past weekend: