Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Chickens

Gabriel and Mommy ran the Spring Chicken 5k this past weekend.  The weather did not cooperate, as it was between the high 30's and low 40's and thunderstorming.  Despite the uncomfortable situation, we managed to dress appropriately enough that we were quite comfortable with the temperature, even though we were thoroughly soaked through by the end of the race.  We even decided to spend the last quarter mile splashing as much as possible, just to add a little fun to the run.  Here are a few photos that the race photographer took of us, and one self-taken photo:

Ready to run!

Aaaand we're off!

Home stretch

The 1-10-year-old age group leader

One should always take time to splash!

Two wet, but happy, racers in the car and ready for a good breakfast at home