Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cloudland Canyon #6

Aaaaaaand...  we're done!

Cloudland Canyon #5

Almost done!  We are crossing back over the river that forms the main waterfall and formed the gorge.

Cloudland Canyon #4

We are finally within view of the interpretive center where we parked, up there on the ridge behind G.  We have gone a little over three tough miles, and we still have nearly two to go.

Cloudland Canyon #3

We are at the point of the "peninsula" that juts out over the valley.

Cloudland Canyon #2

Now we are on the other side, above the waterfall.

Cloudland Canyon #1

See the waterfall?  We are about to hike to the end of that peninsula and around the other side, then back.  It is a long, beautiful hike we haven't taken since B.G. (before G).