Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Day At The Beach

P and G joined other MOMS at the beach at Red Top Mountain State Park today. The water was very shallow, so P could relax a little, and it was very warm. The two of us, and later G's friend Thomas joined in, played water baseball (did you think we could not play baseball?) even though the fish tried to eat the ball every time it landed in the water. It was hot, but not too hot, and a good portion of the beach was shaded, although we stayed in the water the whole time.

Later, after we went to Wild Horse Park to feed the ducks and geese, Chip was sick in all kinds of ways. The bug he had at the beginning of the week must never have gone completely away, which is fantastic with all of the people coming in to town this weekend and The Race next Tuesday.

Oh yes, we got race numbers! We wrote to the Atlanta Track Club with an explanation of how the post office kept our entry and a photo of us running two weeks before Gabriel was born, and they had pity on us. Now we have enough numbers for P and G, Dad A, Jack, and Mom K. They are so great! Not only do they put on the best event of the whole year, but they also appreciate the runners who are faithful entrants.

Jack and Jen will be here tomorrow (well, today), and Dad, Gail, Mike, and Grandma will be here on Saturday. It will be a fun weekend with lots of eating and lots of exercise. Bring on the barbeque!