Monday, March 3, 2008

We Miss You, Wowo!

Laura was here this past weekend, and we had a total blast. We haven't blogged in a week or so, so we'll include stuff since our last post. Without further ado, here's What's Been Going On:

If they knocked down the wall and combined businesses, they'd be RuPaul's.

G shows his bunny ("ribbit", as Laura would say) to Wo-Wo.

Jim 'N Nick's serves these enormous freakish mutant potatoes as a main course. They're longer than the forks!

Here was Laura's reaction to the potato.

Matthew made me and Laura drive by and take a picture of this sign. I wonder why!

Yesterday, we went hiking on Pine Mountain, which Jack recently discovered down the street from his and Jen's apartment. When we were waiting for Jack to arrive, Mom pointed at a steep hill and dared me to climb it. This is the view from the top; Jack, Laura, and Mom are at the Saturn and G was off the left side of the picture.

We hiked the West Loop trail to the Summit Overlook, and along the way, Jack and Gabriel found a scenic place to take in the view.

Proof that we actually made the summit!

The view was much greener than from Kennesaw Mountain. You could see 41 and I-75 unwinding, and to the right was the city of Cartersville, but mostly it was a sunny and green view. We all got a little color from the sun.

This is typical: Jack relaxes with good posture, Laura sunbathes, and Bun and Gabriel play. Oh yeah, and P takes photos.

Our more astute readers will notice the absence of Dear Matthew, Papa, and Jen from our hiking adventure. Jen was working on school stuff and Papa was fixing the desktop computer. Matthew, however, has had a horrible cold for the past week and we hope he will feel better quickly.

It doesn't take much to entertain us as a group. Here's a game we invented when we found a couple of uneaten onion rings after dinner.

Finally, Laura wanted her very own bit of amigurumi, so I made her Gangsta Bear. He does not have eyes, but he doesn't need them as his do rag is pulled down to his nose. He wears his bling proudly, but isn't a member of any gang. His message is "Stay in school and say no to gangs."

Laura is safe back in Michigan again, and we miss her a ton. Thanks for coming here this weekend!