Saturday, December 4, 2010

Zip-A-Dee Doo Dah

We finally went on our ziplining adventure today that we bought over the summer through Groupon.  It was something we have wanted to do for a very long time, and we weren't disappointed.  Here is a photo log of our day.

Laura had said that when we turn off the main road, it would look like we were being led into a trap.  When we turned onto this dirt road, we knew we were going the right way.

This abandoned mill is barely standing, but still beautiful.

It is a really nice property - 137 acres - with a beautiful lodge with games to play while you wait.  Matthew beat me in foosball, 10-3.

We were raring to go.

Matty looking at the platform from which we zipped.

Here he comes!

We wanted to go as fast as possible.

It was impossible to cross the bridge without grabbing the wires, but it wasn't scary with all the ropes to lean into.

This is the highest platform at 70 feet above the ground.

Here I am on the longest zipline of the course.  It was about 750 feet long.

Here comes Matt.  Notice that you can hear the wire "singing" long before you can see him.

I was so excited to pose for the camera, I forgot to brake and came in fast and twisted.  We thought it was funny, how confident we were by then.

We had to rappel straight down from this platform.  Here is Matt, who is safely on the ground.  The only scary part was swinging out over the edge; from our rock climbing experience, we were used to rappelling down.

We got to race each other on the last zipline.

Matt was winning as soon as we started.

Right after this photo was taken, I decided that since I was losing, I would go ahead and slide with my legs up in the air.  Do you see our reflections in the water?