Thursday, May 3, 2012

Epic Adventure Time!

The theme for G's annual Boosterthon fundraiser this year was Epic Adventure.  The goal is for the kids to learn character education while raising money for their Spanish teacher and crossing guard, as well as for Project Playground (playground equipment for schools in need in Guatemala).  Chip set himself a very high fundraising goal and worked extremely hard from the very first day of the fundraiser to reach his goal.  We are so very proud to report that he reached his goal last night!  He looked up phone numbers, called people, was polite and professional in his spiel, verified information, and thanked the donors.  He did this all completely independent of us.  We were impressed with his ambition, motivation, dedication, and phone manners.

Today was the day that he ran to earn the "per lap" money.  He ran all thirty-five laps, which was the maximum for donation, and then an extra two.  It was a cloudy but pleasant day, and with a few stops at the water station (or Mommy's water bottle), the kids seemed to be able to keep themselves comfortable enough.  Here are a few photos from today:

G walking during the warm-up lap.

Each time he passed the line of teachers, one of them would mark a lap on his shirt with marker.

Here he is with all of the laps marked.  His teacher later marked the two extra laps and signed his shirt.

After the last lap in which Bunnut, Ollie, and I joined him, we all posed for a photo.
G did a great job raising money this year and has earned a bunch of cool prizes along the way, the last being his AFO flyer - a helicopter-like disk that can act as a boomerang.  He is very grateful to all of the people who pledged to help his school and schools in Guatemala.  Today was a fun day.