Saturday, February 25, 2012

One Wonderful Week!

It has been one week since our precious Oliver came into our lives.  It has gone so quickly, but what a wonderful week it has been!  Here are some highlights.

He had his first walk!

Big Bro was excited to push him and did a great job.

He has so many great expressions, and we love when he studies us.

We are enchanted by his many expressions, like this one...

and this one!

He loves the giraffe his big bro brought him in the hospital.

We have had meals all week brought by wonderful friends, and here is a highlight - the appetizer...

and the main course.  Our friends studied Ukrainian cuisine and spent two days cooking this amazing dinner for us!

On Thursday night, Ollie lost his umbilical cord.  We haven't found it yet but we will continue to look.  It was too soon for me, because that connection between me and Oliver is precious.  It feels like he is now completely physically independent, although his need for me to constantly hold and feed him reminds me that that isn't true.  Now that he has a belly button, though, there are a couple of things he can do, like take a bath and wear cloth diapers (they would have irritated the cord).

Ollie had his first bath, which we made the mistake of doing when he was hungry...

followed by his first cloth diaper!

Here he is, with his big bro, getting to know his Papa.  The balloon is from cousin Jackson.

Today, we had his newborn photo shoot with our friend Angie.

We celebrated his one week birthday at exactly 1:44 pm...

with birthday brownies!

It has been a wonderful week with our little Ollie.