Thursday, November 19, 2009

Getting Ready For Thanksgiving

Well, the fall soccer season is over, and what a fun season it was. We had a bee-yutiful day for our last game, and then we had a fun party at Steak 'N' Shake. We can't believe what a fun and interesting group of people we were blessed with as teammate families.

At school, Wednesday was Goofy Glasses Day, to celebrate their letter of the week, G. Of course, G is our favorite letter, too! He chose to make his sunglasses into Santa glasses, and he even thought to make the beard removable so he can put the glasses back together as sunglasses.

Our soccer team banquet was on Tuesday evening, our usual practice day, at Steak 'N' Shake (but we'll still call it a banquet - it was delicious). I was Team Mom again this season, our coach was Tara, and our assistant coach was Heidi. We all thought that we had a relatively close-knit team this year - both the kids and the parents all got along so well. We think it was a sign of the great group of people that every single family attended the banquet (except for one due to illness). We can hardly wait for next season. Go Raiders!

We are realizing that for elementary school, Thanksgiving is a really, really big deal. They have been doing Thanksgiving-themed activities since November first, and yesterday they did Thanksgiving centers through all of the kindergarten classrooms (centers are educational activity stations). All of the kids had the opportunity to have their faces painted. We really like how Chip's turned out, and we wore it all day, even through his trail dance class. Today is his Thanksgiving show, and we are so excited to see him in his first recital.

Speaking of dance class, we found a dance studio and will tell you all about it soon. He will start the Monday after Thankgiving. We think he is going to do great!!!