Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hike Update #9

Love the mileage on the MINI.  Of course, you can see what our average speed is.  It was higher, but I made Leadfoot slow down from 90 mph.  Our miles to empty says 441 miles.  We could get to Ohio on that!

Hike Update #8

Back in Georgia. 
Number of Mississippi license plates:  6. 
Grossest bathrooms ever:  Chinnabee Lake.
Number of P's toes bitten by fish:  1.
Number of cigarette butts stepped on before we passed the swimmin' hole on the trail:  countless.
Value of the fresh air and privacy 2 miles into the hike:  priceless.

Hike Update #7

Talladega National Forest has the coolest signs!

Hike Update #6

There is a swimming hole along the Chinnabee Silent Trail.  SO refreshing after a long hike!

Hike Update #5

Highest point in Alabama.  Climbing to top of tower to get even higher.  Can't wait to see the view!

Hike Update #4

Scenic overlook, Talladega Scenic Drive

Hike Update #3

Made it to Alabama...  and the Central Time Zone.

Hike Update #2

In the car:  Matty, Patt, and Chip
On the radio:  A Prairie Home Companion
Scenery:  Trees
Weather:  Clear and sunny
Number of Mississippi license plates so far:  3

Roadside Hope

This is in downtown Lithia Springs, Georgia, across from an old barber shop and next to the train tracks.  We will try to keep updated as we travel to our hiking destination today, so watch for more photos.