Saturday, February 9, 2008

Craft Stuff

Today was Iggy's birthday party, and here's the card and hat we made for him:

And here's what she made for favors (except without the flower), along with meringue mushrooms that were delicious!

Health Department Test Subjects

We took G to a MOMS Club event this morning because it was something different to try. We took him to Stevi B's (don't get us started about the spelling) to make his own pizza. Here are some photos.

First, they got to see what dough feels like.

Next, they got to tour the kitchen and walk-in areas.

Then they decorated their pizzas. G added crushed red pepper to his.

Now it was time to try their creations. G was, well, you can see for yourself. He just ate the crust. He must have realized that this was not the same pizza that he'd made! They can't fool him!

Well, later we went out for our traditional every-other-Friday sushi lunch. Today, we went to Fuji, since we were already in the plaza. Fantastic, as always. [By the way, it's true what they say about white tuna. Yikes.]