Thursday, March 6, 2008

Painting The Town

IMG_0683, originally uploaded by mpgangle.

Heather, Rebecca, and I were among the first to christen Sips N Strokes, the new "art night out" place in East Cobb. I was so slow that I earned myself a "Type A" t-shirt. When the teacher, Wendy Lovoy, saw how far behind I was, she actually said, "Woah!" She encouraged those of us who were obsessing over the circularity of our circles to go paint the wall instead so our paint could dry for the next step! What started out as clean white walls ended up a big ole' mess. We had a total blast and are looking forward to going again.

The scene

We were there

Poor Kristin, whoever she is. We burned her art.

While standing in line to clean off brushes, R turned around and THWACK! threw her palette against the brick wall. It turned out to be the best art of the night.