Monday, November 27, 2006

Nancy Loves Us

...that's why she will be so excited to see this:

It's the first known photo of us together, and it's a bonus that Nancy is in it too!

Friday, November 24, 2006

G Dishes It Out

We had a great Thanksgiving yesterday and and pretty cool day today, too. Since the weather has been so beautiful here in the South, we have been spending some time outdoors. Yesterday we went to the park and today we took an after-dark stroll around the neighborhood. We had a great dinner yesterday, and we've really been enjoying having Boxer here with us while Mom and Dad are up in the chilly North.

Here is a photo of G getting ready to fish at the park. We took off the coat soon after we got there. We thought that we took some really great photos of him and Boxer, but it turns out that the camera battery was going and they didn't get saved. We'll try again tomorrow.

We had a relatively simple dinner since it was just the three of us (one of whom only licked the salt off his corn) - The Best Turkey In The World (if we do say so ourselves), corn, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. And of course chocolate cake (mix) with the patented Angle frosting. And a bottle of wine (duh). Even though Chip didn't eat, he did sit at the dining room table with us and helped dish out the eats.

And today, since we have been having so much fun with Boxer and have really wanted a pet of our own for a long time, we decided to add to our family. He's a Chinese "Dwarf" Hamster, and he's just a teeny tiny little ball of fur. He seems to like his new home, and he likes G best although he gave P a kiss this evening. This is the first pet we've owned together, and he is so darn cute. He runs so fast on his wheel that we can't even see his back legs, and he likes to burrow under his bedding. We think that we are going to call him Ushi, which means "ox" in Chinese. We were going to name him "little dragon," but Ushi is much catchier than Xiaolong. He's sleeping as of press time, so we will take a photo tomorrow when he's more acclimated to his new surroundings. In the meantime, here is a photo of another one.

A note for Nae: I can't get the pic up but will try again tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Smashing Crackers

G brought his car seat into the family room, sat down with a sleeve of crackers and a hammer, and went to work. He is very creative.

Here is a screenshot:

Friday, November 17, 2006

Best Seat in the House

Bo Schembechler will have the best view of The Game tomorrow, and he'd probably be sitting next to his friend Woody Hayes, if Ohio State coaches went to heaven...

Let My People Sing

Warning: this is highly addictive, and may possibly be annoying to those around you. But if you can play this without laughing, we promise a full refund!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Denise Richards Hates Old People

Is it really horrible that we think that this is the funniest thing ever?

Harmonica Concert

Happy Veteran's Day, and Happy Birthday U. S. Marine Corps (yesterday)! We have a lot of armed services veterans in our families, and we're very grateful for their protection of our freedom. Dad A and Jack, you are heroes!

The other day, while Mommy and Daddy were chatting by the stairs, Chip brought over his green chair and his harmonica and gave us an impromptu concert. It was a great show - he has good rhythm and he really got the audience going!

In sad news, we mourn the passing of probably the most famous Ukie, and certainly the most famous to do one-armed pushups, Jack Palance; singer extraordinaire Gerald Levert; and distinguished anchorman Ed Bradley. They were all tops in their fields and we're bummed about their passing.

In happier news, I made my big hair appointment today for 1 Dec 06 at true salon, and they are helping me financially and otherwise with my plan. I will be donating nearly all of my hair to Locks of Love, a program that gives real hairpieces (and therefore self-esteem and more of a fighting chance) to kids with cancer. Please check out the LOL web site. I also plan to drastically color my hair, so I will look like a new person - it should be lots of fun!

Also lots of fun, my mom and I went to The Dinner A'Fare to prepare a bunch of great dinners to eat in the next week or two. It was fun, easy, and you can bring your own wine. What could be better than that?!

A few tidbits: