Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snow Day Activities

Homemade pizza (with homemade crust!), 101 Dalmations (prepping for Disney World in May), snowflake and dog pajamas, and a bone brownie for dessert.  We love family time at home.

Another Snow Day

Snowing.  In March.  In GEORGIA! 

I took Chip in late to school today, and his class was "playing hookey" from regular coursework and playing in the snow.  His teacher said. "They're five!"  I agreed, and so did a delivery driver who came over to say that out of the 45 schools she had visited so far today, this was the only class that was making a special moment from the snowstorm.  We think G's teachers are the best.

Here is a photo and a video from this morning.  His teacher is the woman in the white coat.