Sunday, May 11, 2008

Japan Or Bust!

We are headed to the airport in a few hours, so let's just say,"Sayonara" until we return in almost 2 weeks. But before we go...


And back to Japan - we had a major success in the big deal side trip we're taking to Tsu. If you are Mom or Laura, go to sleep. Otherwise, read on:

Matt's great-aunt Tyke, aka Sister Margaret Hayes, lived in a convent in Tsu, Japan. She died in 1971 and is buried there. We have spoken with one of her sisters (still the principal of the school, 37 years later!), Sister Madeline, and will be visiting the convent and school to look around. We are going there on the 15th, and it's a surprise for Mom and Laura, not because they're related, but because we thought it would be a fun surprise.

We are also going to try to meet up with one or two other people we know along the way, between Tokyo, Kyoto, Tsu, Hiroshima, and Himeji, and who knows where else the shinkansen will take us?

We'll talk soon - Love, M, P, and G

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Matt Likes To Sit On The Throne

Hee hee...

In other news, we mentioned the other day that we got G a Leapster Learning System, which is educational software cleverly packaged as video games. We gave it to him a week before our Big Trip so that he would have time to get familiar with it before the 14h10m flight. He loves it, and so do we.

The built-in software is great, and he also has a Cars game. He's learning about spelling words, following directions, coordination (using the controller), the difference between letters and numbers, and how to use a pen/pencil. The graphics are really great, and he uses the volume-controlled, kid-friendly headphones we got him so that we don't have to hear it. BUT, based on his reaction to his new toy and his constant use of it, we know that we have now lost him. From this point on, he has discovered video games and will spend the next 15 years in his own world. Oh well, we knew it would happen someday...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Economically Stimulated

Well, we are now proud owners of a Nintendo Wii. It's amazing. Finally, a reason we are grateful to our current President!

G has now entered the world of gaming. He got a Leapster learning system, which is disguised as a video game system and he loves it. That should go a long way toward making our 14 hour flight next week a good one. Yeay! We will post photos of it later; we didn't take any today.