Sunday, July 10, 2011

Found A Good Photo

Today was a low-key but busy day.  We went to church, lunch at a Mexican place called Laredo's (P's stomach decided that it would be better to bring lunch home in a box and eat it later), and came home.  While P and her mom worked on hemming a couple of pairs of pants for a Winnwood resident, M put another coat of paint on our master bathroom.  It's almost finished!  Just a little touchup and a couple of coats of paint behind the loo, and we can put all the fixtures back up.

P also worked on the soaker (diaper cover) she began yesterday, and that is also nearly finished.  A couple of legbands, and we'll be ready for our little pooper!  At least, we'll be ready for one day of pooping.

Looking through the photos we had tagged for our blog, we found a good one from our Cloudland Canyon hike in April that we would like to share.  It's a good family portrait:

Summer On The Lake

This was on 29 May, so I suppose it was spring, but this has been one of our favorite places to go this summer.  It has been so wonderful to see Matt get some quality time with his dad.