Friday, May 20, 2005

Gabe's Ten Month Birthday!!

Gabe at ten months

Today was Gabriel’s 10 month birthday. He spent it practicing for the day, very soon, when he will start walking. Patty was talking to Laura on the phone in the kitchen and heard Gabriel come up behind her and bang on the open dishwasher door. She didn’t think anything of it, because she for some reason thought he was in his walker. When she turned around, she realized that he was, in fact, standing there. He’d crawled over from the living room and pulled himself up. He is getting really good at sitting up and standing up on his own. Just today, we found him standing in the living room by his toybox, by his swing, moving between the two, holding on to the swinging chair of the swing and keeping his balance, the dishwasher, and the bookshelf – all without our help and most without our presence.

He has a way of reaching milestones on his birthday. Today, in addition to the advanced crawling and standing skills, he slept really well. He slept soundly through most of the morning, went down for naps relatively well (still not as well as he could, but good for him), and fell asleep pretty quickly at night. He was a lot of fun today.

When Patty got back from tutoring, she found Gabriel in his highchair in the kitchen watching his daddy make brownies for his birthday. We have found lately that he is happy sitting in his stroller or high chair when he is near us. He seems to be happiest just hanging out near us and likes to talk and play with us, as opposed to when he’s able to crawl around and play on his own. It’s nice to be able to put him in the stroller a few minutes before we actually walk out the door while we finish gathering diaper bag, phone, camera, and keys; use the bathroom; put on our shoes; etc.

He still has a runny nose and we think that everything we own now has a nice coating of his nose goo. It doesn’t seem to be getting better. At least he isn’t really complaining (except when he tries to pick his nose and we won’t let him) and he doesn’t have any other symptoms.

Love turkey

Patty got a message from her sliced turkey today. It said, "Love."

We are beginning to plan what to do with our house money. We are going to pay off some credit cards for sure, but we think that we are also going to buy a car. Ours is ridiculous for a family, it’s all slashed up inside and out from break-ins, and the lease runs out soon, anyway. We have to actually put Gabriel in standing up on the floor, climb in after him, and put him in the car seat. We do that all in reverse to get him out. And forget about parking on the street, because then we have to climb out while holding him from the passenger side, which is nearly impossible because we have to squeeze between the car seat and the passenger seat while trying not to bump his head on the door frame. Sometimes we actually succeed. Anyway, we welcome suggestions. We’re thinking that we want an SUV of some sort with 4-wheel drive, a good-sized engine, automatic (need that other hand for discipline!), and either white or silver. No more blue; 2 blue cars in a row is enough for us for a while. No black, either – we’d have to actually wash it. Anyhow, there’s no point in really planning until we actually have the money.

Two breads in the works – rustic and challah.

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