Thursday, June 23, 2005

It's Nice to Make Friends

Scramble for veggie puffs

Gabriel had playgroup today. He had a great time there playing with Jonah, Jake, and Zoe. It was really interesting to see how mobile they’re all getting. Jonah took a few steps today, and Jake is getting really good at standing. Zoe has gotten really comfortable with all of us, which is so cool because she used to be really shy. Even though we get together every two weeks, the little ones grow so much in between playgroups. They all have a lot in common, though, like their love of veggie puffs, as you can see in the photo.

There was an article about Jack today on the Marines’ web site. We would probably be surprised, but Mom is better than the CIA when it comes to sniffing out information. Whenever we need to research something, we call her and she finds it immediately when it would have taken us weeks. Even Jack asks her about Iraq stuff, because she finds out before he does sometimes. So if you ever need to track down that contractor who absconded with your money or the capital of Andora, now you know whom to call. Anyway, here it is.

Watchin' the game

Despite a strong start, the Intimidators lost to the Isotopes, 14-4. Matthew was 2 for 3 with a single, a double, and 2 RBIs. He had an amazing 5 putouts - 1 solo and 4 assisted. It would have been 6 but for the fact that Paul, playing 2nd base, mistook Matt for an 8 foot tall person, or for a 5 foot 9 person with ups. Gabriel made some new friends, but they were a little too touchy and grabby and made us nervous. One of them, Ty, watched Daddy play first base through the fence with him. Gabriel’s friends Brooke and Jordan were there, but they didn’t really get to play with him much because of the other kids. Steve met us for dinner at Moe’s before the game and came to watch, so that was a special treat.

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