Monday, March 26, 2012

Growing By Leaps And Bounds

Another pound in the two weeks. Fiftieth percentile for height and weight and slightly higher for head circumference. He is spending much more time awake now, at 5 weeks +2, and much less time with intestinal problems. We are happy to reach the 6-week mark this weekend, when fussiness usually starts to wane.

Ollie is reaching for Mommy and played with a hanging toy on his bouncy chair this morning. He smiles tons and tons. He took a bath today without crying- it's all about timing, I guess.

The folks at Goldberg's Deli have been following him since before he was born and have been so happy with us. I even got extra lox on my Breakfast Special today. The customers flocked to OJ today to ooh and aah and ask how old he is. It was nice to be able to truthfully tell everyone what a good baby he is and what a great big brother he has.

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