Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Fire Alarms, Pears, and Locomotion

The fire alarms went off again today for the third time in two weeks. Granted, once was a bunch of drunk people in our hallway who pulled the handle, but we are getting so frustrated with our complex. We are convinced that the volume and pitch of the alarms are hurting our ears. Today, the alarms went off at 5:15 pm; Gabriel had finally just fallen asleep after a long day of refusing naps. Miraculously, he slept through the whole ordeal. Normally, we can't even sneeze while he naps. Screeching fire alarms, he sleeps through. Go figure.

Gabe ate like a champ today! He had a double serving (which has become his single serving) of rice cereal and a jar and a half of pears. He's really getting good at this eating thing.

After the Chipster finished his dinner, we ate ours. It was spaghetti that at one time had been hot. Anyway, we left him in his walker, and he started motoring all over the place. This was the first time he'd really gone exploring in his walker. This morning, he walked up to a potted plant and started picking leaves to snack on, but that was only about a foot or two away. He walked to the "barn door" (the door between the living room and bedroom) and opened it, and then he walked into the bedroom and tried to get into his playpen. Since he hasn't yet developed the ability to pass through solid matter, he only succeeded in bumping into it and laughing. We laughed too.