Thursday, October 23, 2008

gWitch Spell Phone Cover

Yesterday I got G up half an hour early for school and gave him breakfast in the car, all so we could get to the T-Mobile store before school to get my new G1, the morning of its release. Hey, cut me a break - I've been waiting for this thing for a year! As soon as we turned out of our neighborhood, the flat tire indicator came on. Yep, the left front tire was at 0 psi. Fortunately, we have "drive-flats" and can still go 90 miles on no pressure. So, we headed up to the store and school, since we wouldn't have time to fix the car before school. We chose our new phone, updated our service, chose a new plan, and I went to pay... but no wallet. I'd taken it out of my bag to buy a birthday present (which is stuck in cyberspace and an entirely different story) and left it out at home. Two big screwups, and it wasn't even 9am yet.

I took G to school, met Matthew at Discount Tire, and while we waited for the car, we went back, bought the phone, had a coffee while playing with our new toy, and got the car (that was free! Yeay for Hakeem at the Town Center location) all in perfect timing to pick up G from school. Ugh, what a day.

But it turned out pretty well. I got my new dream phone, and the car is patched up and back on the pavement.

So this phone - it's amazing. It does everything, in fact so much that you should just follow the link above to check it out. T-Mobile has great service, both coverage and customer service, so we stuck with them rather than switch to AT&T for an iPhone, and boy are we glad we did. Our favorite features: the phone is angled so that if you place it on the table face down, the screen doesn't touch the table - keeps the screen safe and also cleaner. Also, we downloaded Shop Savvy, which is a bar code reader that allows you to comparison shop and read reviews while shopping in the store.

Of course, I needed to personalize this phone right away, so I made a wicked witch pouch for it. I named it the gWitch Spell Phone Cover.

In other news, Drew came over today and we had pizza with him and his mommy. We had a great time, and the boys got to stay up late, eat pizza, and play with all kinds of things. Tomorrow, we will meet Christopher and his mommy (that would be Lisa) for lunch and head over to the bounce house for the afternoon. We were going to make a 4-family trip to the Chattahoochee Nature Center for the annual Halloween Hike, but the weather is not going to allow that to happen. Saturday, we have Joshie's birthday party and several options for Halloween fun, including a "trunk or treat" - a family fun day at the school most of G's friends attend. We missed it last year and really wanted to go, so I think we'll make it a priority this year.

Finally, just a couple things worth mentioning about the Chipster: he's been having great behavior lately, he's growing very quickly lately (is already wearing some size 5!), wants to play games all day (favorites are Hullabaloo and Candy Land), and he got his first progress report of his entire life. He got C's on everything, which is actually the best grade (it means "consistent"), and although we were late once, it showed 0 tardies and 0 absences. The comments section says, "Gabriel is such a sweet little boy. We are so happy to have him in class this year. Gabriel is very well mannered and respectful. He is very aware of our daily routine and loves to help me if I forget something! :-) Gabriel is doing great with his letters and numbers."

We love the part about correcting his teacher, because he is really on the ball and we think that's funny. We're super proud of the description "well mannered and respectful." That's the most important thing to us at this stage.