Thursday, September 6, 2007

What's Been Going On

It's been a long time, because birthday season is upon us: in only two weeks, we've had Mom and Dad K, Jen, Jack, Matthew and Laura, Christopher ("Typifer"), G's friend Allison, and two more parties this weekend. Lots of things have happened since the last time we blogged, so let's get down to it: Our MOMS Club got to tour our post office. We even saw our mail carrier, Mr. Clay, there, and he showed us our little cubby (which we share with one other house).

Granddad paid us a visit, and the boys all had quality bonding time.

We got Pa-Pa a slot machine (well, technically a pachislo machine) for his birthday.

Todd and Jane (and little Alex) got stranded in Atlanta for the night during a layover, so they rented a car and come to visit us. We hadn't seen them since our wedding, and we had a blast.

We celebrated Christopher's birthday twice! Here's the second party, at his house. G is not next to a mirror; that's Joshie.

Mattypie turned a year older, and we had a fun day. G wanted to help open the presents.

We don't have digital photos of Laura's and Mom's celebrations, but I did get a good snap of a different sort this afternoon. As I was working on birthday stuff at the kitchen table, I asked G what he was doing. He replied, "Just cleaning up." He was silent for a while, so I asked again. He said, "Just nothing. Just cleaning up." So I walked in on this: He had found the sunscreen and thought it would clean the floor very well. Incidentally, he also helped apply the second coat, which was Endust. The floor looks beautiful. We may have to use his method again next time.

We will be beginning to develop our own film and print our own photos, so look for those results in the near future.