Friday, April 8, 2005

Coming Soon...


Lots to blog about from the past couple of days, but as we've returned late from a birthday dinner in which beer was consumed, no one feels like writing at the moment. Some things to look forward to in the next blog:

  • A new tooth
  • Creeping and crawling
  • Heard from Jack
  • Computers falling from the sky
  • Our connection to Pope John Paul II's funeral
  • Our Bangladeshi experience
  • Bread, bread, bread
  • Dogwood Festival and High Museum
  • Four rolls of photos from Snapfish and some digital ones too
  • Heading to Virginia
  • Turning 30
  • That's not green beans, that's... OH NO!

As you can see, this will take a while, so we'd better rest up before we undertake all of this. Stay tuned!