Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Notes From Our Honeymoon Journal, Seven Years Ago At This Time

"The vendor came over, pointed to it, and said, 'Future!  The future!'  I really wish I knew what he was really trying to get across to me.  If I buy the flask, am I destined to take up golf later in life, swinging my way through life?  Or was he asserting his firm and, perhaps, correct belief, that at some point in humankind's not-so-distant future, all people will be carrying around silver flasks, swigging unknown beverages?  Whether this earnest man is a prophet or merely not good at transitioning Thai thoughts into English words, we will most likely never know."  [Matt wrote this after a visit to the Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai, where there was a flask for sale, festooned with a golfer swinging his club.]

"We were standing, trying to decide how to cross the thanon, when we heard someone exclaim, 'Hey, Patty!'  How bizarre it was to hear someone in the middle of provincial Chiang Mai, in Thailand, shout out my wife's name!!"  [Matt wrote this after we met new friends, from the train north, for dinner.]

"Then Gnop brought out the whiskey and the cloth balls on string.  He wet the balls and lit them in the campfire.  He swung around first one, then two of those balls of fire.  He then tried a new trick, for him, blowing whiskey onto a torch so the flame was huge."  [I wrote this about our overnight stay in a Karen village in northern Thailand]

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dinner Date

We got to spend some quality time with our good friends, the Keslers, including our goddaughter, Coco.  Here are G and his dear friend Morgan with the balloon animals a man made them at dinner. 

Afterwards, we all went to the playground in the Square, where we found G's good friend Maddie and her aunt Judith, Patty's aquaintance.  It is a beautiful evening in Marietta Square, where people are packing in to see a band called Glow perform.  We really do enjoy these warm Georgia evenings.

Great Minds Dress Alike

Lego Star Wars clothing seems to be an essential part of any six-year-old's wardrobe.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Michigan Trip, Day One

Here is the first day of our trip, in photos and video.

G's Lego people kept him occupied for much of the ride from Georgia to Ohio.

We stopped in Lexington to visit with my high school friend Erica, whom I haven't seen in over 18 years, and her beautiful kids.
Tony, Debbie, Grandpa Kranz, Chip, me, and Matt before the big game.
The Chipster at Michigan Stadium.
The marching band takes the field.  We were very excited.

One of our proudest moments:  G cheering for our team.


Student section.

Halftime show:  a tribute to Lady Gaga.
An appropriate formation.
Our first Michigan game as a family - in fact, the first one Matt and I have attended together, surprisingly.

Denard gets the ball.

And hands it off...  or is it a fake?

Cute Michigan fan.

Final score.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Exodus Of The Masses

Michigan victory:  42 - 37!  Now 110,187 people try to get home.  Fortunately, we can walk back to Carlene's and Roy's house.


The flag corps and dance team are dressed like Lady Gaga, and the band is playing Lady Gaga songs for the halftime show.  So fun!

Friday, September 17, 2010


Thanks to I-75 going through Lexington and a fortuitious schedule, Patty was able to meet up with Erica, a childhood friend that she hadn't seen in about 18 years.  It was great to spend a little time with her and her adorable kids to catch up a bit.  Thanks Erica for spending time with us, it was really special!

Warm Legs

Almost to Man O' War Boulevard to have a coffee with my friend Erica, whom I haven't seen in over 18 years and now lives in Lexington.  On the radio:  Optimistic, by Radiohead.  I just finished my leg warmers, just in time for the chilly north, apart from sewing in the ends.  I have the ends tucked in right now.  Weather is beautiful, perfect for a drive.  It's a good day.

What More Does A Boy Need?

He is actually recreating the Lego Star Wars video game.  Right now, he is in the cantina buying pieces of characters.  When he buys all the characters ("Ch-Ching", he says), he can put them together.  This poor child is desperate when we take him away from his Wii...  and he's only been away from it for about two hours.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Steak 'N Shake

Here are Chip and Jailan after dinner at Steak 'n Shake.  Cute little crazy guys, aren't they?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Due Date

Today is 8 September 2010. It was supposed to be our due date. It's a strange day for us, and not a very happy one. If you are so inclined, we would really appreciate your prayers for the soul of our child.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Morning Yum

Brekky looked so good today, we just wanted to share some with the world.  Happy Sunday!

Friday, September 3, 2010


Pretty soon, it's going to be hovering!

Breakfast Date

We came to Starbucks before another eye doc appointment.  I realized that I can't see things up close with my new prescription, although things in the distance are in focus.  Will update later.

Special Guest Student

Somebody stowed away with me to work yesterday.  He really wants to learn!