Friday, October 19, 2012

Eight Months - A Comparison

Oliver has turned eight months old!  Since we have had so many comments about how much alike the boys look, we thought we would do a scientific study.  Here is the result:

G at left, O at right
So what do you think?

As far as behavior, we consulted our blog from eight years ago.  We found that Chip was eating a lot of food by this time, while Ollie is still exclusively breast-fed (unless some piece of food accidentally gets into his mouth while he is investigating the things we give him).  We were surprised to recall that G could not get to sleep without crying, because that is becoming a pattern with O to a much lesser extent.  We also noticed that it was not too long after this point that Gabesie learned to crawl.  We were wondering whether Ols is a late crawler, but it looks like he is right on par for being one of our children.

Okay, I am staring at this photo, and I have to admit that they are starting to look alike.  Ollie has redder and curlier hair, and I think G's ears were flatter, but other than that, I can see that they are related.

And just for fun, here is a collage using our first ever blog photo, and to this day one of my favorite photos of Gabriel ever.  Both boys are exactly seven months old in these photos (except current-day Gabriel, who is eight years old in the photo).  We will let you guess who is who.