Monday, February 26, 2007

Perfect Reception

Mom and Nick (aka "Bunnut" and "Papa Nit") put on a beautiful, meaningful, and joyful reception. Looking around the room at Gianno's, it was obvious how loving and loved they are. The room was full of smiling, social people, and the whole atmosphere reflected them perfectly both as individuals and as a couple.

We had the greatest weekend. Besides the reception, which was the reason we went up there, we got to have dinner with the Wolfgangs (aka "Wolfgangs") and Laura (aka "Wo-wo") at Pizza House. We had a total blast. We were lucky enough to be "stuck" in Maumee when the weather turned ugly on Sunday morning, so we got to stay for an extra day.

I have to say an extra huge thank-you to Mom A for the coffee you made me every day. It tasted really good and made such a difference in my mornings. Thank you!!!

Most of our photos are on film, but here are a couple that we took of G and Zozie with the digital camera. We got Chip some buggy garden galoshes so he could use them at home where we don't really have snow. His snowsuit from last year was a size 2T, so it still fit! Woohoo! Oh yeah, those are jeans in the photo, because it was a last-minute, last-night-in-town foray into the snow. He loved the snow, that's for sure.

When we got home, Chip had a little steam to blow off from almost 11 hours in the car: