Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Two Sick Boys

P, M, G, and Judd

Matt's been under the weather for a few days. Nothing too major, but combined with the highest-ever pollen count here in the Atlanta metro area, he's definitely suffering. Gabriel's sleep patterns have changed since yesterday, and today he definitely has a fever. We measured 102.1°F, but after a dose of Tylenol, it's gone down. He's a trooper, trying very hard to be cheerful despite his sleepiness.

Being the bad parents we are, we took him out anyway for a trip to J Ripples. We figured that since his temp was under control, we predicted that he would be awake for the next couple of hours, and he didn't have any symptoms other than drowsiness, he'd be okay for a little outing. Besides, it's so hot in our apartment (dryer vent tubing fell off the wall), some fresh air would probably do us all some good. Like our rationalization? If this hadn't been our last chance ever to go, we wouldn't have gone, but as it was, Gabriel did very well. So did Matt.

An ESP moment: We were watching the game show "Distraction," when the subject "famous pairs" came up. Before the host asked a single question, Matt said, "Hutch." The host said, "Starsky." Patty had said, "Turner and...", and that came up, too.

We are leaving for Virginia tomorrow, so we might not get a chance to blog for a couple of days. They have computers, so we will definitely try to write most nights if we can. We'll be back here in Atlanta next Tuesday.