Sunday, September 18, 2005

Nice Weather

While our family up north is suffering through the beginning of winter, we're enjoying a nice extended summer down south. It was so nice today that we sat out on the back deck with the newspaper and spent a lot of time watering the lawn and spraying the outside of the house. Gabriel had a great morning. He loves being outside, and he especially loves playing in the leaves. We saw a hummingbird, a cardinal, a lizard, and some really interesting butterflies today, as well as a creepy variety of spiders.

The inside of the house looks like a tornado came through. Or, more accurately, Hurricane Gabriel. But it would be unfair to blame it all on the little guy, because he didn't pile the dishes in the sink or allow newspapers to pile up in the kitchen, and he certainly didn't throw dirty laundry all over our bedroom or neglect to unpack many boxes that still sit around making us anxious. We will blame the potatoes all over the floor, the toys and books all over the living room, and the credit cards strewn about the kitchen floor on him.

Tooth Report

We noticed Chip's upper right premolar today and his lower left premolar on Wednesday. His new tooth total is 11!