Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Goin' Commando

Hallelujah! After a two-day hunger strike, he finally ate something! Well, to be fair, he had a little bit yesterday, like a teeny tiny little piece of bread and a yogurt and some diaper cream, but other than that he hasn't eaten anything since Monday. We're on Day Two of the Commando Method Of Getting Your Child To Eat Something Other Than Baby Food, Oatmeal, and Cheerios. The Commando Method (our name for it) entails providing healthy, well-rounded meals for the little one and sitting with him and eating the same thing. It also means no snacks and no letting him fill up on milk or water before a meal. At dinner time, he ate tator tots and chicken tenders, our usual Wednesday meal (because P has to leave at 6:30 for tutoring). We also let him have a go at drinking from a regular (but plastic, we're not stupid!) cup, and he did brilliantly. We were so happy that we let him have TWO cereal bars AND yogurt before bed!

The day even started out on a good note, because Gabriel's hives were completely gone. Let's back up for a minute. Last night, the Chipster was looking for anything he could eat that would not meet our approval, so after eating moisturizer, diaper cream, and chewing gum, and after refusing eggs, chicken, raisins, and penne pasta, he found a plate with salt and cajun seasoning on it and got to work. Within an hour, he was covered in hives. His doctor and Gramma said not to worry as long as he was breathing fine and not under any distress - in fact, he was the happiest he'd been all day - so we gave him some Atarax and put him to bed. By the morning, he was all better.

We just found this thing called the Mechanical Contrivium, and it's hilarious. At least it can be, if you put the right thing in the box. Try "my butt."

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By the way, have you heard about silent dating? Speed dating is so yesterday!