Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny visited our house last night. Did he visit yours, too?

Yesterday, we met up with Rebecca and Kirk and crew for an Easter egg hunt that turned into a trip to the park instead. We had swinging contests until we thought we were going to tip the swingset.

After the park, we went over to Mark's and Lisa's to let G and Christopher play and hunt for Easter eggs. And, oh yeah, we bought our tickets to JAPAN!!!!!!! Woot! We are very grateful to Mark for being so patient and so thorough with us so that we know what we're doing and stay organized. And Lisa sat with the boys the whole time we were in front of the computer even though we missed out on some valuable girl time. Thank you Brociouses!!!!! We <3 you! (and not just 'cause of the tickets)

We'd also like to wish a very happy birthday today to our favorite fixed wing pilot - happy birthday, Joel!

Happy Birthday Nancy!!!

Happy Birthday to my best friend in the whole world!

[You're older than I am now.]