Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Think He Gets The Idea

This afternoon, we went shopping for a Thanksgiving dinner for another family.  Our church did a really great job pairing up sponsor families from our parish with about 140 area families in need of a Thanksgiving meal. 

Since we couldn't get through to our family by phone, we decided to drive the groceries over to the address on their card.  It turned out to be the woman's parents' house, because she and her family were homeless and staying in a hotel. 

We wanted to make sure that Gabriel understood what we were doing and why, and the following conversation took place:

"Why did we have to take the food to those two people?  Why couldn't we deliver the food to the family?"

"Because they're in a hotel."

"And why are they in a hotel?"

"Because they don't have a home."

I nodded, and he said, "Maybe they're from Haiti."