Sunday, December 18, 2011

'Twas The Week Before Christmas

It is the week before Christmas, and we are in full holiday bustle.  Last week, we visited the Sleepy Hollow Christmas Tree Farm so we could choose our tree for this year.  We quickly found the perfect tree, but G also found our perfect tree for a year or two hence.  We have to wait for it to grow up a little, but we think it is going to be a beautiful tree for us one year.

Chip with his favorite tree.

This year, he can touch the top with help.  We'll see how much it grows this year.
Our perfect tree for this year.
The lumberjacks.
Two little cuties getting ready for the annual family Christmas photo.

 On Friday night, we had our annual Christmas celebration with our great friends the Whaleys and the Soergel-Harrises.  All of the kids had a great time together and enjoyed the privilege of staying up very late - and the Blueberry got his very first Christmas gift from the Whaleys!

Five little ones who are sure to be on the Good List.
The littlest one's first-ever Christmas gift - adorable soccer star pajamas that say, "Mommy's Champ."

On Saturday, we celebrated the holiday with the bell choir.  I couldn't find the perfect gift, so I decided to make my own.  I went to Pinterest and found an idea under the heading, "25 Handmade Gifts Under $5." While thinking about how to go about creating coasters, I happened to turn on the television in the kitchen to an interview with the actress who played Zuzu in "It's A Wonderful Life."  At the end of the interview, they asked her to say her famous quote, and I thought that would make a wonderful start.  Here are the coasters I created:

Maybe next year I can make a 2012 version.
The famous quote from "It's A Wonderful Life."
Our church.
Another beautiful quote I found.
All bundled up and ready to gift.  Thanks to M for the beautiful photography.

After mass today, we visited Santa in Marietta Square.  It was quite a long wait - just shy of two hours - but as G declared afterward, "It was totally worth it."  Chip was able to ask Santa for the few things he wants this year - an archery set with target, a skateboard, the Pokemon Leaf Green game, the Pokemon Emerald game, and the Lego Star Wars Slave I set.

The Good boy with Santa Claus.

When we got home, Bun and Papa came over.  My dad helped M build the baby's crib, which turned out beautifully.  We'll share pics when a little more of the nursery is completed.  My mom came over to decorate cookies with me and Chip.  Everything came out tasting delicious!

The fruit triangles and the gingerbread men.  The one on the left with the "Mr. Bill" mouth is only a head.  G had stories behind a few of these cookies. 
The peanut butter and sugar cookies.  Notice the one miniature cookie on the left.  Those sugar cookies were cute little Star Wars pressed cookies that expanded just a little!

So now, we are in the home stretch before Christmas and wrapping up (no pun intended, but we kind of like it) a few last minute loose ends for the big day.  We hope you are having a wonderful week of preparation!