Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Happy First Day of Summer

We’re sure that Matt’s grandpa would be proud of today’s theme since it was banking. It seems like Patty is getting to know the folks at one of our local Wachovia branches as well as she knows the people in the office at the apartment complex. We think we have now taken care of the vast majority of our debt thanks to the sale of our house in Ann Arbor and it feels really, really good. It was a required step before we can even apply for our new mortgage, but even if it wasn’t we would have done it just the same. Once all the payments clear and everything is recorded, we can get letters confirming that our balances are paid off and then begin the process of cleaning up our credit reports. We’re both very anxious to see how our scores change when this is all done.

While at the bank and then at the UPS Store, Gabriel made a lot of friends. It seemed that everyone was taking an interest in our blond little boy and there was a lot of smiling and interacting going around. Gabe was also able to do a lot of crawling on the UPS Store’s nice, clean carpet while his mommy waited on the phone for Matt to find some addresses. Surprisingly, the two adventurers were able to get everything done in one trip out!

The phantom tooth that is plaguing our boy still refuses to emerge. We’re not even sure if it is coming in on the top or the bottom of his mouth. All we do know is that his drooling, which had pretty much stopped completely, is back and that he puts anything and everything into his mouth. Oh, and he’s cranky. He’s really, really cranky.

Since we were busy with Father’s Day stuff on Sunday and didn’t manage to remember Chip’s brownie mix at the store last night, we’re celebrating Gabe’s 11 month birthday today. As you can see, Gabe couldn’t wait to sink his teeth into the last set of birthday brownies before his one year celebration:

Chip's 11 month brownies

Tommorow is the week’s busy day. The calendar says it’s Wednesday, but we know it as Playgroup and Softball Day! Playgroup is at Jonah’s house and Matt’s team drew the late (8:00) softball game. Maybe by the time the Intimidators take the field the temperature will have dropped a bit.