Friday, April 22, 2011

First Field Trip

Today was Chip's first school field trip, and I was able to go chaperone.  We also had his two closest school friends, Jon and Finn, in our group, and they were all hyped beyond belief to be there.

Finn, G, and Jon, ready to enter the zoo.

The lion didn't mind.

The real Komodo dragon wasn't on exhibit.

We got to see Po, the fine-month-old panda!

Efficiency at the petting zoo.

We were first in line for the train, so they chose the best seats on the train.  Chip really wanted to sit backwards "so I can dangle my feet over the edge," but I thought all seats faced forward.  Imagine the boys' excitement when they found this waiting for them at the caboose!

We are very, very proud of G for conquering his fear of heights today.  He made it over halfway up the wall!

This occurrence of red-eye is just too cool.

See anything interesting?

Kelly is a beauty, isn't she?

G was enthralled by this elephant.  He asked lots of questions and watching her for about half an hour.

Taller than a giraffe!

This mama giraffe has a very tall ten-month-old baby!


We had the great fortune of watching these researchers study Kelly.  They wanted to find out how well Kelly used her sense of hearing to determine which of two barrels held more carrots.  She chose correctly every time.
So the trip was a resounding success.  We stayed all day (even after the rest of the class went back to school), and G was interested in everything he saw.  His favorites were not only the elephants, but also the meerkats, which he watched for about fifteen minutes without moving or speaking.  All three boys in my group behaved perfectly, which was both a surprise and a delight to me.

To top off a very special day, we went to dinner at Kuroshio with Bun and Papa; my mom tried raw sushi for the first time and loved it - even the octopus!  Between the zoo, the dinner, and the fact that we came home to a clean house, it was a really great day, from start to finish.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cloudland Canyon #6

Aaaaaaand...  we're done!

Cloudland Canyon #5

Almost done!  We are crossing back over the river that forms the main waterfall and formed the gorge.

Cloudland Canyon #4

We are finally within view of the interpretive center where we parked, up there on the ridge behind G.  We have gone a little over three tough miles, and we still have nearly two to go.

Cloudland Canyon #3

We are at the point of the "peninsula" that juts out over the valley.

Cloudland Canyon #2

Now we are on the other side, above the waterfall.

Cloudland Canyon #1

See the waterfall?  We are about to hike to the end of that peninsula and around the other side, then back.  It is a long, beautiful hike we haven't taken since B.G. (before G).

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lookie Lookie

One of the residents at Winnwood just brought me some Vernor's!  What a treat!  Apparently they sell it at a Publix here.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Amazing Find

We just stopped at a Zaxby's for dinner on our way home from Hilton Head Island, after we failed to find the barbeque joint we were looking for.  After dinner, while waiting for the lads to use the restroom, I inspected the many wall decorations.  As I looked closely at one print, I spotted a familiar building out of the corner of my eye. 

This print is the old Lost Mountain grocery store on the nearest main intersection to our house.  We are about three hours away from home, in Metter, and definitely not anywhere we would expect to see such a local, non-famous landmark (which is now a small bank, by the way).  But the building still looks the same, and the gas pump is still out front.

This painting is signed by John Zed King, so we might like to find out more about him. 

Breakfast Of Champions

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hullo! From Hilton Head Island

Gabriel and I rode a tandem bike to the beach today and met M there...  swam in the pool and walked on the beach...  took a private dolphin cruise and made a dolphin friend...  heading out to dinner for burgers and back for more fun...  Weather is great, wish you were here!

Breakfast On The Back Deck

We are enjoying Hilton Head Island.  Gabriel has already made new friends, as have we, and we are going to play with them later.  G is trying to decide whether to go to the movies without us later, or stay for extra play time.  We are going to take a dolphin tour at 3, and it is supposed to be a beautiful ride even apart from the dolphins.