Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Who wants pictures?

We've got them, lots and lots of them.

We wouldn't want you to think that even as Gabe's menu expands a little bit that he's forsaken his favorite food.

Sometimes even Cheerios can't keep the boy awake

We wanted to get Gabe started on his road to being a rocket scientist early in life, so we got him rockets!

He helped us set up

He's so proud of his rocket!

He found the rocket after we launched it

Of course, there's no pressure:

If the rocket scientist thing doesn't work out, he could be a chef

We've already mentioned the fantastic time we had at the reception in Maumee. It wasn't all fun and games, though. Things got scary:

Avoiding the ghosts we ran afoul of... mannequins

... and toilets! AHHHHHHHH!!!

(We'd like to emphasize that these were taken up on the third floor and were in no way near the actual reception. We're pretty sure the bathrooms on the first floor were better, but do you think we were crazy enough to go in and check??)

Maybe even scarier than the haunted inn was the weather. The only one that liked it was Gabe.

Gabe really likes the snow... in his galoshes

Wait, did someone say galoshes??

It's almost spring... in some places... so it's time for galoshes

He liked the snow so much he didn't want to come inside

We've probably overloaded your internet enough for one night. We hope you enjoy the pictures!