Sunday, September 4, 2005

Date Night

We had a "date" today to celebrate Matt's birthday, ending our traditional week of birthday celebration, while Gabriel stayed with Chris and Yolanda. We went to the High Museum of Art, the Montreaux Jazz Festival (where the band was definitely not jazz, rather blues, so we left), Borders (where Matt picked up "The Quiet American" by Graham Greene), Laredo Mexican Grille, and Publix (for groceries). We found that it wasn't much different without Gabriel, because he really doesn't make it difficult to do any of the things we normally do. We realized that we really don't go places where kids aren't welcome, and at dinner, there were lots of noisy kids, so we might as well have brought him along.

It was still a big treat to get out together alone, though. We were able to talk without interruption, and we were able to shut up and relax when we wanted to. We didn't have to change a diaper all evening, and we got to hold hands walking down the street, rather than push a stroller. It was also nice to be able to walk around the museum without a fussy little one to hurry us.

Gabriel had a great time, too. He played with Selena all afternoon, and when he was sleepy, Yolanda held him while she, Tristan, and Selena sang him to sleep. He loved it.

Tomorrow is Selena's sixth birthday, and the entire school system is celebrating by taking the day off! What a lucky girl!