Tuesday, March 22, 2005

DJ Chipdip

Gabriel plays DJ

It stormed today in Georgia. It's always spooky to drive through the city after a storm, or any time it's foggy, because the buildings seem to disappear. It looks like the entire city's been wiped out. There is a skyscraper three blocks from us, and when we drive toward it on a foggy day, even from three blocks away, it looks like a ten-story building. It's really neat.

Tonight was tutoring night for Patty, so Gabe got to spend some quality alone time with his daddy. Matt gave him a bath that was not the easiest one in history. As usual, the Chipster wanted to sit forward and play in the basin rather than lie back so Daddy could wash his tummy and legs. When Matt finally got him to lay back, he was rewarded with a shower of his own.

After the bath, Gabriel went exploring, and his daddy found him playing with the stereo. He'd opened the CD tray - he must have wanted to check out the selections. By the time Matt could grab the camera, though, Gabe was halfway across the apartment. Later, he went back to the stereo, turned it on, played a little music from his Dora the Explorer CD, decided he was in a jazzy mood, and switched the CD to his Harry Connick, Jr. disc. We danced to Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (why couldn't he have picked one that's easier to spell?!) and then sang The Lonely Goatherd. This time, we got a picture of him playing DJ. Every day, he amazes us with the things he learns to do.

Also amazing was how fast he was walking today. We almost couldn't keep track of him, because he was almost running in his walker. He's getting really good at turning around in small spaces, too.

AR7 Watch

Warning: spoilers ahead!

We've been through this before - don't look if you don't want to know what happened!

This is your last warning...

We really like Rob and Amber. We don't want them to win another million, but second place would be fine. They are not mean-spirited at all and seem to be genuinely excited about their successes in the game. They really are playing it well. We get the impression that the other teams are a little jealous of their cleverness and are using their celebrity as an excuse to hate them.

Ray and Deana are this season's Jonathan and Victoria. We might even hate Ray more than Jonathan because he seems sneakier. At least with Jonathan, you knew to dismiss him as a moron right away. Ray keeps harping on Gretchen and Meredith and saying that they are too old to be there. He's no spring chicken himself, not that you could tell his real age under that over-tanned leatherface of his.

Gretchen and Meredith continued to do well, even though they'll probably be the next to go. They fell for Ray and Deana's trick when they followed them in the boats away from the clue, but luckily they weren't the ones eliminated. It would be nice to see them outlast Ray and Deana.

The brothers weren't really in this episode very much, except for the Gaucho task, where the one brother (whichever, they're interchangeable) did an awesome job with the horse.

Joyce was a champ with the horse. She got thrown off twice and still got back on and finished! She definitely won points with us this week.

Ron and Kelly were almost a non-presence this week. We were not surprised to see the southerner Kelly riding a horse.

Alex and Lynn are getting a little too snitty to be funny. They're doing well, and even though the engine on their boat broke, they still finished quickly.

Susan didn't deserve to lose, but Patrick sure did. He's been whining the entire time and didn't seem to want to play the game at all. As hard as she tried, he was a total anchor.

Next week's prediction: Gretchen and Meredith come in last in a non-elimination round.

p.s. A couple of notes about the picture:
  • The Chipster's hair is getting so long that we have to cut it. It's over his ears! You can really see how long it's getting in this photo.
  • Yes, that is dust. Usually, we just like to let it accumulate until it forms a little ball - then we just pick it up and throw it away. It's much easier that way.
  • And Nancy, we know that after you noticed the dust, you zoomed in to see the DVD and CD collection. Don't pretend like you didn't! Let us know if you need help identifying anything, ha ha. Did you recognize the babysitter-in-a-box (Baby Einstein video) that you gave us... er, Gabriel?