Thursday, June 22, 2006


Christopher came over yesterday with his mommy, because they had to drop some things off, but they got to stay for a while. Gabriel needed a little help remember how to be a good host and share his things, but they played well in the end. They even read a book together!

Later, Gabriel played along with Daddy's softball game. In this video, he swings and then throws his bat to run the bases. M is playing first, in the orange shorts. He was a valuable asset to the Intimidators, as they mercied their opponents. P got to keep score this game since Grammie and Pa-Pa were there too, so we all had an extra-great time.

Today we went to The Jump Off, where both Gabriel and P got to jump, slide, and run. Chip's interest in toes is getting stronger; he grabbed a few feet today and noticed others. He has taken to tickling ours when we least expect it. We think it's hilarious.

G found M's old Matchbox cars, so we let him check them out. He absolutely loved them. Unfortunately, they are practically antiques by now, so we will have to put them in storage and get him his own cars.

p.s. To Mom and Dad K: THANK YOU!!!