Monday, February 27, 2012

Pease Porridge Hot, Pease Porridge Cold...

Pease porridge in a pot,


One Week Plus One

Since we waited for spontaneous labor this time, we didn't have time to make Birth Day brownies for Ollie like we did for G.  We decided to make them for his one week birthday.  Here we are with G's brownies:

and here we are with O's:

Yesterday, we noticed that Ollie is almost reaching toward things, and today, he grabbed Mommy's shirt.  We thought that was a pretty significant milestone.  Here is a photo of when it happened:

He also really started tracking yesterday - if we jingle a toy, he will follow it with his head.  

Finally, one more thing we noticed today is that he seems to be putting on weight.  I think that every parent of a newborn wants that reassurance that he is getting enough nourishment, so we are happy that Ollie looks so healthy.  Just look at those cheeks in today's "Awww" moment: