Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Clean Teeth

G had a big day today. After school, he took a tour of one of his grade school choices. We went to the park in Marietta Square after that, and then we went to the dentist.

Every day after school, we listen to the themed lunch show hosted by Mara Davis on 92.9 FM. Today's theme was "questions", so we requested Bob Marley, "Is This Love?" via e-mail. Not only did she read our e-mail on the air, but she also told Gabriel to have fun at the dentist. She talked right to him! We thought that was super cool.

To commemorate the occasion, we gave him The Tooth Book, by Dr. Suess, and read it to him on the way. Once we were there, he played Sonic on their Playstation and then watched Daddy get his teeth cleaned before his turn. When it was G's turn, he was the perfect patient and had no cavities. They suggested, based on the grooves in his teeth, that we have sealant put on them to prevent cavities that could form even if he brushes well. We will try to persuade insurance to cover that procedure before we have it done, though.

After they were finished with his appointment, they gave him a nice goody bag full of fun stuff, like a pencil with a tooth mirror topper, a treasure chest for his teeth when they fall out, and a cool toothbrush with pictures of fruit on the handle.

We couldn't be happier with how this appointment turned out!

New Park

I found a new park today, with safe trails, playgrounds galore, dog park, skateboard park, picnic shelters...  the works.  This is really cool!  It is sort of like Piedmont Park.  For privacy I won't say which one, but it's the new one near G's school if you are interested.