Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sonic Booms

Our first morning in Florida, we awoke well before 6 am so that we could go out on the balcony and listen for the space shuttle's sonic booms on reentry.  We weren't sure whether we would hear a quiet "pop pop" or nothing at all.  Well, what we heard truly shocked all three of us!  It rattled the doors of our room, which you can hear, and even woke up G for a moment.

Because it was dark, we couldn't drive to Cape Canaveral to see it fly overhead; it doesn't have position lights like an airplane.  Being the last mission of the space shuttle program, it was extremely important for P to be a part of it in some way, so we took a big chance on staying at our resort near Orlando without 100% certainty that we could hear the booms.  Feeling that wave pass through our bodies, we definitely do feel as though we were a part of this landing.

Now we've seen both a space shuttle launch (STS-131) and landing (STS-135).  Please pardon the language in the video; we were truly in shock!