Tuesday, February 5, 2008

We Missed Our...

300th post! Boo! Oh well, Happy 301! And away we go... I (P) just got back from 13 hours of work for CASA. I had court at 8:30, but first one attorney, and then the other, were not available, so the case was continued (delayed) to 1:30, then 2:00, then 3:00... by 4:00, the judge was off to one of her friends' funeral (see this - these were really good guys, by the way, who did a lot for the community) and I had some info I wanted to gather at one of my families' houses. Because Enquiring minds want to know, here's what I wore (loves me some Banana Republic!) - the top has a tie that you can't really see:

In other, more exciting, news, after waiting for over a year to get our bonnet stripes for Otto, here are the before and after photos!

If you are ever in the market for any kind of vinyl work, you must get thee to Eric Neumann at Global Imports MINI in Atlanta. Not only did he do some amazing custom work, but he charged significantly less than he was going to originally, just so I could use exactly the amount of my gift certificate and not a cent more. He wouldn't even let me add a tip. Every time we go there, they always find somehow to do something extra or surprise us in some way that leaves us amazed (in a good way). Oh, and he gave G a toy car - a MINI Cabrio, of course - to keep.

By special request, for Bunnut, here is the Chipster running around before class last week in his gi: