Monday, February 11, 2008

Houseguests and Elephants

We occasionally have a visitor on our front porch, but yesterday we let him come in for a tour of the house and fed him some Cheerios and milk. G had the great idea of bringing Choco over to say hi so the cat didn't feel like the only animal in the house. I think it worked; the cat felt right at home.

Yesterday, Chip requested that I make him an elephant. He very specifically wanted a white one, so I made his body and trunk before I ran out of white yarn. We went to four places today to find more, but we couldn't locate any so we bought a comparable skein. When we got home, I gave G the option of having green or blue extremities instead of white, and he chose blue. That was my choice, too. This was made from a free pattern from Lion Brand, but I changed the tail and added a smile. Please to enjoy.